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BPS Direct, LLC (doing business as Bass Pro Shops) is an American privately held retailer of hunting, fishing, camping, and other related outdoor recreation merchandise. Bass Pro Shops supports and sells merchandise for the National Audubon Society.

Basspro shipments are not sent and customer service lies about it, customer service is awful and unprofessional, according to a review by Kimberly at

"Worst customer experience I’ve ever encountered. Was told on three different occasions that my order had shipped and that FedEx did not scan my package, which is why there was no tracking number for me to follow. A week later, it’s confirmed that my package is still in the warehouse. They don’t give a single crap about their customers. I’ve never been treated so rudely, and I will never, ever recommend them or order from them again."


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Maintenance Leader (Former Employee) says

"I did enjoy the job most the people and manager where great. No real room for career advancement at the store I worked. Mostly the store manager did not help train for advancement."

Retail Associate (Current Employee) says

"You do not get paid enough for working there. They cut hours frequently. The employees are not very nice. Before being hired they had me convinced that Basspro that the people were so friendly after working there for 2 months. They proved me wrong. Everyone is mean."

Marketing Representative (Current Employee) says

"I enjoy position, but there is little pay, like most retail pay. Current department manager excellent, but no room for advancement with pay increase at current position.Departmental co-workers enjoyableLack of communication"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"the managers were great at making sure you knew how to do your job. They were always positive and always told you when you were doing a good job. Just great people to be around"

Stephanie says

"I retuned an item via mail, confirmed through Fed Ex tracking that it was received back. I was told 2-3 weeks for a refund to my credit card. 3 weeks later, no refund so I called and was then told 4 weeks for a refund. I cannot understand why it should take even a week for a refund, much less 4 weeks. When I called, they apologized. whoopie"

Tessa Rawski says

"horrible ordered dec 17 and just now on Jan 12 days being shipped....won't arrive for another week or so. will never order online again"

Jason Lewis says

"What has happened to BPS? I don't remember it being this slow with shipping. Its been two works and my order still says processing.. never again"

customer says

"I used to be a huge fan of Bass Pro Shops, but something has happened and their customer experience and service fell off a cliff! They canceled multiple items from orders on Black friday saying they were out of stock(in-stock at time of purchase) and had some inventory issues. Then they refuse to offer a price match for me when they do get back in stock. Then even simple exchanges get messed up, and they just without notice refund me instead of the exchange I requested, afterwards telling me they were out of stock at the time of return. They treat you like you are trying get away with something, when I am not being unreasonable. Maybe since they bought Cabelas, they think customers have no other choice."

AngryBird says

"Order takes over 15 days to ship, never ever seen any company has such a bad working attitude and shipping efficiency. 15 days you can walk from California to Texas thats how slow bass pro shop is. Their employess are probably drinking having party in the warehouse and not giving a ** to your order. Oh and by the way, the don't have free return for this delay order and charge you $7.5 for the shipping. Order on Amazon or academy instead in the future bass pro is totally trash"

Joe McMullin says

"They don't know how to properly update inventory / manage website. 90% of my orders are either canceled on me or stay "in process" forever."

Vette Mann says

"Ordered Sunglasses from Bass Pro it took 13 days to get them. They were not as advertised so I returned them using the online return. It took 20 days for them to receive the sunglasses back. They went from Texas to California then to Wisconsin. I contacted them to see when my credit card would be credited. They stated 6 to 8 weeks. As of today still no refund. How is this company still in business with great service like that. I will never purchase anything from them again."

Kelly Knight says

"Absolutely a worthless place to shop for outdoor gear. I have spent thousands of dollars at Cabela's over the years and when I had a warranty issue with a newer pair of boots, they would not honor it because Bass Pro Shops had bought out Cabela's and they would not honor the Cabela's warranty. I will "NEVER" shop at any of their stores again."

Michael Conway-Brown says

"I ordered an item from BassPro online. They sent the wrong tracking number. Two employees working at the call centre could not even tell me where it was shipping from. Or find the correct tracking number. The email button on their email did not work. The 1-800 button didn't work either. If you have problems don't even talk to staff at the call centre; they have no access to info. Ask for a supervisor only. I won't order from BaddPro ever again."

Ed Strum says

"The website is a nightmare. Couldn't get a E-Card with Chromebook. Then PayPal wouldn't work. Called & they always give the same answer delete browsing history, still NG. Went to windows still NG with Paypal. Had to use a CC which I was trying to avoid. So 2 days & 10 tries later got something."

lewis scruggs says

"Stuck with A Remington hunting rifle that I never got to use that needs A simple fix and they can't take care of the issue!"

jerry sweigart says

"They have nothing in stock anymore. Academy sports does tho"

Bobbiejo K says

"Tried to buy online Friday Nov 27 and Sat Nov 28 for a$60. had the same issue as i did trying to go through Cableas today . saying that my order could not be done due to a genetic error emailed bass pro them hoping to get a response (nothing) Being over an hr away from the store i was very up set knowing that i could not get my kids their Xmas gifts. I'll go to DicksSporting goods."

John Loudermilk says

"Through the years I have spent thousands of dollars at bass pro. I ordered a jacket as a birthday present on 11/23. According to the online tracker it was shipped on the 24th and has been sitting in Olathe Kansas ever since. On the 29th I attempted to call Bass Pro and find out what is going on since I need that coat on December 1 to give for a birthday present. I spent 10 minutes on the phone in phone tree hell. I hung up at the 10 minute mark since I don’t have time to waste being in their phone queue. I called again on the 30th since the online tracker said my shipment was still sitting in Olathe Kansas. It took three calls to finally connect to someone. You could hear in her voice she was not thrilled to be working there. I explained the problem to her and she said she couldn’t do anything about it. So next I told her I would like to cancel the order and have the charges reversed. She said she couldn’t do that either. I said I did not get the product on the date that it was promised and that as of this morning it was still sitting in Olathe Kansas. She said she couldn’t do anything about that and told me to call FedEx. So I asked her what she could do for me. She didn’t have a response. Bass Pro has apparently driven itself off of a cliff. Totally unresponsive and simply don’t give a damn about the customer. I told her I am done with her company and that I will never order anything from them again. She didn’t care....."

Hassan Ajami says

"Similar to what others experienced, ordered an item online which showed In Stock for ship to store. Credit card was charged and I received the email that they were processing my order. I check my order status the next day and it shows cancelled. Their excuse was that they didn't have enough stock even though the website showed that they did. Lost out on a great deal because of this."

Alex says

"Ordered two items on Black Friday from guns and ammo. Credit card was charged and order confirmed. Few hours later it was canceled, out of stock. The rumor is that employees cancelling your order and keep rare guns for themselves. Very unprofessional !!!"

Richard Martinelli says

"Ordered a ground blind then you cancel it. No reason given now i will look at other retailers for my needs."

North Ave Retails says

"BOYCOTT BASS PRO Today I went with my son to pick a firearm which he purchased from Bass Pro Bolingbrook IL. We run a small business in Humboldt Park, and our store was looted and we had been robbed as well. So we decided to buy firearms to protect our employees and business. It took us 6 years, and 7 days of a week of hard labor to establish our business, only for it to be looted and destroyed on May 31, 2020. At Bass Pro we faced a racist behavior which hurt us. First the salesperson, Kyle was not friendly and he served the customer who came after us, first. He then said he had to call his manager because apparently the firearm I bought didn't have cartages. He called his boss Jake and then the department manager came in Blake, who's only motive was not to sell us the firearm. They came up with excuse that our zip code which is 60077 doesn't match with our FOID card 60076. When we were applying for the FOID it picked itself. I understand that the issue was about our zip code, but this minor fault was accompanied with poor customer service, aggression, and overall a negative experience. The managers and staff spoke to and treated us poorly; from not being helpful, to their facial expressions, and their unwillingness to serve us. Being a person of color, negative and unfair experiences like this only lessen my faith in humanity, and ensure that I never support business that fail to give their employees proper training like this again."